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Great Dane

This section of our site is devoted to a Great Dane - Apollo among dogs. It is one of the most beautiful and graceful breeds. Great Dane is the fine friend and the partner devoted to the owner and family. Great Dane perfectly gives in to training, it understands the person from a half-word literally.

In our club breeding cultivation of Danes black-harle and black-grey colors is conducted. In breeding work we use blood from leading kennels of Russia and Europe.

The purpose of our breeding cultivation - is a modern type of a Great Dane - strong, beautiful, powerful, with modern type of a head. In cultivation we pay the big attention not not only to ecsterior qualities, but also preservation of character traditional for a Great Dane: the quiet, counterbalanced temperament, friendliness, the fine attitude to children.

Kasparova Irina ("Kair Del" breeding prefix)
e-mail: kairdel@mail.ru, phone: +7 (095) 713-2647

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