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Russian Nemetskiy Dog (Great Dane) Magazine & Almanach.

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Russian "Nemetskiy Dog" (Great Dane) Magazine & Almanach:

Great Dane magazine Great Dane magazine Great Dane magazine Great Dane magazine

The idea of magazine publications appeared in 1997. Just in that time we understood how much we all needed it and realized also that we were able to publish a magazine. We were also determined not to abandon the started pursuit under any circumstances.

We had to keep the given to ourselves promise and to preserve the magazine regardless the broken out in Russia serious crisis in 1998. The idea of the magazine was supported in 1997 by St.Petersburg Great Dane lovers from "Favorite" Club (the head of the club is Yelena Yartseva). We could tell without any exaggeration that without their participation, their help and their interest Russian Speciality Magazine on Great Danes would probably not exist.

The circulation of our magazing is near 1000 copies and is spread only among the people who are greatly interested in the breed. Only one thousand people, but they are the base of the Great Dane Breed in our country. Besides, we have some foreign subscribers in different parts of the world.

Our most important aim now is to make the magazine more "alive" and practically useful for every Great Dane owner. In this case the magazine circultion will be increased and the wishes that our readers expound about content, paper quality etc. could come true.

Thanks to all our voluntary correspondents who spend their time and money for their reports.

Special thanks to all our readers for their interest and support.

With best regards,
Valeria Kiys, chief editor.

Dear Colleagues,

The first issue of the annual Great Danes International Almanac was recently published. The aim of the first issue was to show the world Great Danes of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. We think that regardless many problems that we were faced with, the main purpose of the 2002 year issue of the Almanac was successfully achieved. However in the very near future we're planning to publish a much more informative edition that will be able to inform the breeders with Great Dane livestock of not only Europe, but also of the whole world.

Even know having the Almanac on your table you're able to find information about any kennel of Russia, Baltic States, Ukraine. We plan to keep you up to date with such information, so please inform us about your kennel and your contact info, such as mail, telephone, e-mail, etc. This information is published for free.

In the next issue of the Almanac (Great Danes International-2003) there will be published photoreports and results of the Great Dane Specialty Shows from several countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania.

We also invite serious breeders of Europe and of the world to publish advertisement in GREAT DANES International. The Almanac is spread free of charge on the biggest Dog Shows of Europe, it is sent to most of National Great Dane Clubs - not only in Europe, but also in U.S.A. and Australia. This ensures that your advertisement will be seen by the very broad audience.

With best regards,
Valeria Kiys, chief editor.

More info you can get at Alano's Shtat Great Dane kennel web-site.

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